Take Care of Those in Need

Hey. One of my passions is taking in dogs and/or cats. We used to live in the country and we always seemed to have dogs/cats show up at the house. We always gave them food and water and most of the time they would fill their bellies and move on. Then there were times when we were chosen and they would move in. I believe people would bring the pets out to the country and dump them. How anyone could do this is beyond me. They think because they are animals they can survive in the wild. These animals have been domesticated for our pleasure. So they look to us to take care of them. All of the pets we have were discarded by their previous owners.

I see pictures, videos and read stories on how people have mistreated these animals and it is disgusting. I have no sympathy for these people. I pray karma will catch up with them one day. Every night when I go home and look into the eyes of our Terrier, I am unable to wrap my head around someone abusing this little guy. He has the sweetest look on his face and is always happy to see us. Whoever had him did a number on him emotionally. I best describe his condition as OCD-ish. We also had a Yorkie, who we lost October 25,2015, to complications due to Cushings. We found out after we adopted her she had come from a puppy mill. She was thrown out because she no longer would produce. This little girl had an eye missing, both rear hips were bad, rear knees were bad and had only 3 teeth. Even with all of the physical issues she was a sweet and emotionally strong little girl. She helped our other Terrier overcome some of his emotional issues. We miss our little girl terribly.

This world sure would be a better place if we showed a little compassion toward our fellow humans and animals. I know the chances of this happening are slim and none in my lifetime. We have had many pets and the ones that have left us I miss everyday. I pray one day we meet up again. I feel we should look after those who cannot defend themselves. This goes for pets, children and the elderly. If you see any of them being mistreated please say or do something to stop the madness.

I see this going on in my line of business. People taking advantage of others who do not know or understand. Especially if the people have immigrated recently to this country. A young women told us that she was told she could not cancel her auto insurance policy because it is a contract. This is not an accurate statement. They are also financially being abused by some of these insurance companies. They fee them to death  every time they speak to an agent. A gentleman told me that anytime he went into a store to make a payment that no one in the store could find his policy. There was only one agent who worked there who had access to his policy so if this agent wasn’t present he was out of luck. What kind of crazy stuff is that?

Bottom line is that everyone should be treated with respect no matter how they dress, what their economic status is, what they look like, how they speak. You get the idea. Just treat people with common courtesy. Is that so much to ask? If we can be nice to at least one person a day, maybe, just maybe, in time we can all get along and coexist.

Take care and peace to all.


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